Waste System Engineering

Optimize Your Production with Advanced Equipment

Waste system engineering at Ib Juncker Engineering ApS encompasses a wide range of products designed to optimize and streamline industrial processes within textile, paper, and PVC waste management. Our products ensure a higher degree of cleanliness and efficiency in your production.

Advanced Separation Units and Vacuum Systems

Our range within waste system engineering includes advanced separation units with automatic drop, which effectively separate materials and minimize the need for manual handling. We also offer separation units with screw compactor that compress waste materials and reduce volume, optimizing waste management.

To accommodate the needs in noise-sensitive areas, we deliver vacuum units designed with acoustic applications to minimize noise levels. This is ideal for workplaces that require a quieter working environment.

Efficient Piping Systems and Specialized Equipment

To complete our offerings within waste system engineering, we provide QF Pipe systems that ensure smooth and efficient transport of materials through the system. The MPS Airshutter is another key component that effectively regulates airflow and minimizes energy consumption.

Our in-line guillotine strip cutter is essential for precise cutting of materials directly on the production line, which increases accuracy and reduces waste. The Filterbox system is designed to capture and filter fine particles and dust, ensuring a cleaner work environment.

To ensure easy and effective management of all these systems, we also offer electrical control solutions, which allow for minimal effort monitoring and controlling of the equipment.

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Waste System Engineering Products

At Ib Juncker Engineering ApS, we offer tailor-made solutions in waste system engineering that suit your specific needs. Contact us at (+45) 9713 1899 or via email at sales@ibjuncker.dk for more information and a non-binding offer.

Separation units with automatic drop

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Separation units with screw compactor

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Vacuum units and acoustic aplications

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QF Pipe systems

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MPS Airshutter

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In line guliutine strip cutter

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Electrical control

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